3 Signs You Need To Hire Water Heater Repair Services

2 August 2021
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Water heaters come in different designs, features, and modes of functioning. From the traditional water heater tank systems to modern instant heaters, consumers are spoiled for choice. Likewise, the demand for water heater repair services has also increased over the years. This isn't surprising considering that most people need warm water for various household chores.

Keep in mind that repairing a water heater requires special skills and experience. For that reason, it's important to know the signs you need to contact a water heater repair expert, as discussed below.

1. Water Leaking From the Water Heater Tank

There are several reasons why water heating systems may develop leaking problems. Some of them include defective temperature and pressure valves, loose bolts in the heating elements, faulty gaskets, or loose plumbing connections.

Note that leaks can quickly lead to costly problems if ignored. For instance, the high moisture increases the chances of a mold infestation. If this happens, you or your loved ones might develop breathing complications, more so for anyone with asthma. Therefore, it's important to have a water heater expert assess the situation before things get out of hand.

2. Water Temperature Fluctuations

A water heater that won't heat water to the desired temperature is the last thing anyone wants. However, if this is a problem you currently have, some of your water heating system's components are damaged and need repair or replacement. These may include a damaged thermostat, blown fuses, or faulty electric circuitry. Consulting with a water heater repair expert will help identify the source of the problem.

3. Brown Water

Every drop coming from your water heater is supposed to be colorless. That said, brown water indicates that there's corrosion taking place in the system. Remember that water heating systems are prone to rust since they contain metallic elements situated in a moist environment. Fortunately, the system comes with an anode rod that helps keep corrosion at bay.  

On the flip side, this rod can wear out over time, increasing the chances of the heater becoming corroded. In the end, the water tends to look brownish due to the rust. Don't forget that rust can spread way much faster than you think. So, if you suspect that your heater has rust problems, it's prudent to call a water heater repair expert immediately.

Have you noticed any of the above signs? If yes, a water heater repair professional can help diagnose and fix the problem. Ensure you work with a competent and reliable heater repair technician for reliable services.