Dewinterizing a Home

2 August 2021
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Winterizing your home is the act of preparing the home for colder weather to protect things like the plumbing and HVAC systems. Dewinterizing the home is the opposite of this. This process should be done when it's clear that there aren't going to be any late-spring freezes. The best time to have your home winterized is during those warm days and cool evening times so you can have your home ready by the time things really warm up. Sometimes, dewinterization is done to prepare the home for regular use when it has been vacant for a period of time. Here is more information that you likely want to know about the dewinterization of your home: 

Dewinterization of the plumbing system

Dewinterizing your plumbing system involves making the plumbing system ready for everyday use and undoing any and all of the things that were done to the plumbing in order to winterize it. Aerators should also be removed from the faucets during the dewinterization process. If your home has been vacant for a while and you are having it dewinterized in preparation for it being lived in again, then the aerators will be removed from all the faucets to allow for any buildup that may have accumulated over time to be flushed out. 

If the hot water heater has been emptied in preparation for a vacant period, then it will need to be refilled and turned on. The main water valve will also need to be turned back on if it had been shut off to avoid things like bursting pipes or other issues. The sprinkler system will also need to be turned back on and set for the preferred time. 

The plumbing system needs to be checked thoroughly for leaks, and all of the faucets will need to run and toilets flushed to make sure that everything is working accordingly. Once the plumbing system has been properly flushed, then the aerators will have to be put back in all of the faucets. 

Dewinterizing the HVAC system

The HVAC system needs to be cleaned, this includes the unit outside as well as the filter inside. The HVAC system should be checked to make sure that it has the correct amount of fluid, that everything is running how it is supposed to, and there are no wear issues that need to be fixed. The system will need to be run and the temperature coming from the vents will have to be monitored to make sure everything is working well. 

The ducts throughout the home should be checked to make sure that they are in good shape and that there are no leaks or other problems going on with them. They need to be checked for things like mold growth that would need to be removed carefully or dirt that would require them to be cleaned as well. The ducts will even need to be checked to make sure there are no small animals nesting in them.

For more information about dewinterization tips, contact a local plumber near you to learn more.