Need A New Well Water Pump? Keep A Lookout For These Trouble Signs

5 August 2021
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If you're like many rural dwellers who don't have access to public water supply facilities, you probably use a private well as the primary water source for your home. The most important component of your private well water supply system is the well water pump.

Sitting above the ground, a well pump draws water from your well and carries it into the supply line that connects directly to your home. When it's working properly, you may not pay much attention to it. But when problems pop up with your home water supply, you'll need to start thinking about a water well pump repair or replacement service.

Here are some common signs that your well water pump may exhibit when it's near the end of its useful life and calls for a replacement. 

You Have No Water In Your House

While there are many reasons for not having running water in your home, your well pump is the first thing you should check. As was already pointed out, the primary function of the pump is to extract water from your private well and carry it into the water supply line that connects directly to your home.

If no water comes out when you turn your faucets on, the pump may have broken down completely and needs to be replaced.

You Are Experiencing Low Water Pressure Throughout Your House

As your well water pump ages, it gradually loses its water-drawing capacity. As a result, it may struggle to keep up with your home's water demand over time, resulting in low water pressure at all of the faucets and showers in your home.

Before you check your water pump, make sure that the water pressure regulator is adjusted correctly. If it's the dry season, the water levels may drop significantly and lead to reduced pressure. Making the proper pump adjustments can help you manage your water resource during a drought.

Your Well Pump Won't Stop Running

Well pumps aren't designed to run non-stop. They're supposed to stop running once your water storage tank is full. If your water pump keeps on running, it's likely that it has lost its prime. This can happen if your well water pump is too large for the well's recovery rate, thus resulting in fast depletion of water resources. This causes air to be sucked into your water line along with the water.

To solve this issue, you may need to replace your existing pump with a properly sized unit.

Whether you should repair or replace your water well pump depends on its age and general condition. If your water pump is relatively new and well cared for, most problems can be addressed through pump repair service. But when your pump nears the end of its useful life, repair service does little to keep it working smoothly and frequent breakdowns tend to occur. If you need a water well pump replacement, don't hesitate to call a local water supply plumber.