Water Heater Installation Mistakes To Avoid

26 August 2021
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Installation of water heaters is a complex process. It is essential to do it properly to avoid disasters like carbon monoxide poisoning, burns, and explosions. A poor water heater installation also translates to high utility bills. Here are some common mistakes homeowners make when installing water heaters.

Incompatible Metal Connections

Many homeowners install water heaters with incompatible metal connections. While you may think that metal connections are not meaningful, joining incompatible metals in a single connection can result in a high risk of failure. First, metal corrosion will occur faster.

To avoid corrosion, a professional water heater expert will use connectors that match the metal of your pipes. For example, if you have copper pipes, they will use copper connectors. Using copper pipes with galvanized steel will lead to a dielectric union fitting. The resulting corrosion will reduce the lifespan of your heater and cause water leaks.

Installing the Heater in an Inaccessible Spot

Finding an appropriate spot can be quite a challenge if you are installing water in a small house. One mistake homeowners make is installing the heater anywhere there is sufficient room. Remember, when the water heater is placed in hard-to-reach spots, you will often forget to service it. This causes leaks from sediment and rust.

Make sure access to the heater is large enough for a technician to enter comfortably. Additionally, install proper lighting near the heater and a power switch for an electric heater. Do not place gas water heaters in enclosed rooms. These heaters emit carbon monoxide, which is hazardous.

Poor Pipe Soldering

Another water heater installation mistake is wrong pipe soldering. Pipe soldering creates a connection between the tank and the waterline.

You should not solder the pipes too close to the water tank. The plastic fittings of the tank may melt and damage the tank. The water heater repair service will add extension segments to keep the pipes away from plastic fittings to remedy this problem.

Improper Relief Valve Installation

The relief valve controls the pressure and temperature of your water heater. If you install the relief valve incorrectly, the tank could explode. This means anyone and anything near the water tank will be drenched in water.

The valve should be placed at the side of the water tank so it can automatically open and expel the pressure inside the tank. Additionally, it is advisable to link a threaded drain tube to the valve outlet. This will divert the discharge away from the water tank.

For more information on installing your water heater, contact a plumbing service near you.