Hydro Jetting: Why It Is A Reliable Way To Deal With Clogged Plumbing Systems

10 September 2021
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A clogged plumbing system is among the challenges that come with homeownership. Whenever this issue arises, most people use a plunger to fix it. But what do you do if that doesn't work?

The best option is to call in a reliable plumbing contractor. Thanks to their specialized services, you can benefit from advanced technologies such as hydro jetting. Hydro jetting is an effective technique that offers the following benefits.


As the name suggests, hydro jetting entails using a powerful water jet that scours different plumbing pipes. That way, the clogs are eliminated, regardless of where they are. Likewise, clogs building up in different parts of the plumbing system are not left behind as well. This explains why hydro jetting offers a long-term solution, unlike other options such as snaking.

Eco-friendly Solution

Sure, hydro jetting uses water to get the job done, but the amount used is much less than most people think. In addition, this is a method that avoids the use of harsh chemicals known to damage plumbing components.

Remember that these chemicals can wreak havoc should they end up in water bodies such as wells and boreholes. Besides, consuming water that contains chemicals can affect your health. If the chemicals find their way into rivers, there's no doubt that aquatic life will be in grave danger.

Minimal Intrusion

There was a time when dealing with plumbing issues meant doing a lot of digging. As a result, homeowners had to hire a landscaping expert to restore the space after plumbing repairs. If you don't want to incur such expenses, consider hydro jetting.

You will be happy to know that hydro jetting won't interfere with your serene surroundings. Without any digging to do, it doesn't take long before the plumber completes the task. The minimal intrusion also means that you won't have to worry about your pipes getting damaged. 

Prevent Odors

The odor coming from your drainage system results from bacteria buildup. The bacteria action not only causes bad smells, but it can also expose you and your loved ones to severe health risks.

The good news is that hydro jetting washes the bacteria away. With the bacteria gone, your home will smell fresh at all times.

As you can see, hydro jetting is a remarkable way of dealing with clogged plumbing systems. If you need these services, all you need is to consult with a plumbing expert near you. The plumbing contractor will inspect your plumbing systems and use hydro jetting to clean the pipes and drains.