3 Advantages Of Having A Residential Septic Tank

15 February 2022
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Building a home from scratch offers you many opportunities to customize it according to your family's unique needs. And liaising with seasoned construction contractors guarantees that your vision will come to life. As you lay your home's plumbing system, you should think about how you will want to manage the domestic waste. 

While connecting your domestic drainage system to a commercial sewage system has always been the norm, more homeowners are opting to invest in a residential septic tank. This in-house waste management system allows you to treat and dispose of domestic waste in the confines of your home. Continue reading to learn the benefits of having a residential septic tank.

Easier on the Environment

As an environmentally conscious individual, it's crucial to research on residential systems that promote environmental conservation. And at the top of the list is a residential septic tank because it enables you to treat effluent water before you release it into the ground. What's more, it helps you properly dispose of sewage waste in a fiberglass tank that you can periodically empty to prevent overflow.

Adopting an in-house waste management not only helps you lower your home's carbon footprint but also ensures you ease the burden of waste management on your municipality. Since more homeowners are choosing to build homes rather than purchase old residential properties, if all of them connected their plumbing system to the commercial sewage system, it would likely get overwhelmed by the sudden influx of waste. So taking the initiative to manage your own waste goes a long way to help your municipality maintain a sustainable waste management system.


A reason why many homeowners are shying away from installing a septic tank is that they assume it would be a costly endeavor. The reality is, residential septic tank installation is actually a cost-efficient project that guarantees expedited construction.

You won't have to liaise with your municipality to have your plumbing lines connected to the commercial sewage system. And hiring septic tank services ensures your waste management system is properly installed to prevent follow-up repair expenses.

Lower Maintenance

Since septic systems are built to accommodate high volumes of waste, you need not worry about emptying the septic tank for an extended period. What's more, the effluent water treatment mechanism is a self-sufficient system that does not require manual intervention from you.

So, as long as you book routine septic tank inspections, you can rest easy knowing that your waste management system is always in top condition. And in case of any concerns, your plumber will address them before they cause any real damages.

If you're building your home from scratch, this is your cue to consider installing a residential septic tank.