Why Your Gas Water Heater Is Malfunctioning

21 March 2022
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Is your domestic water heater producing little to no hot water? Most people require a steady supply of hot water for daily household activities such as bathing, showering, washing dishes, doing laundry, washing hands, and many more. Not getting enough hot water to meet these needs can easily throw you into panic mode.

If you heat your water with gas, there are a variety of issues that may affect the production of hot water. Continue reading below to acquaint yourself with some common reasons you may lack hot water for your household needs.

A Blown Out Pilot Light

When you turn on your gas water heater, gas is supplied to the main burner, also called the pilot burner or pilot. At the pilot exists a small flame that burns the gas and keeps the water heater fired. This flame is known as the pilot light.

If the pilot light goes out—for whatever reason—there won't be a flame to ignite the gas that's being supplied to the pilot. When this happens, no hot water will be produced as your water heater requires the combustion of gas to operate.

A Faulty Gas Control Valve

Your water heating system has a gas control valve that controls the pilot light, allowing water to be heated in the tank. The gas control valve also has a safety limit that shuts the entire system down if a problem is detected. 

If you're not getting any hot water in your home, your gas control valve could be leaky or faulty, disrupting the supply of fire to the gas and stopping the production of hot water. Turn off the gas to your heater and only turn it back on after until the issue is identified and addressed.

A Broken Thermocouple 

The thermocouple is the component of your hot water unit that sends a signal to the gas control valve that keeps the pilot ignited, heating the water in the tank. If the pilot light fails, it will automatically shut off the gas, preventing its release into your home. 

If the thermocouple becomes broken, gas will continue to be supplied to the pilot even if the pilot light is out. This will not only result in a lack of hot water but also pose health and safety hazards to you and your family.

A Leaking Water Tank

Another common reason why you may be getting little or no hot water from your water heating unit is because of a leaky water tank. Over time, hot water tanks can become rusty and develop leaks that waste precious hot water. This may happen due to poor water heater maintenance or normal wear and tear.

While it may be possible to fix a leaky hot water tank, sometimes it is best to replace the entire unit.

Your gas water heating system is made up of several components. Each of these components can malfunction and cause problems with your home's hot water supply. For water heater repair services, contact your local hot water plumber.