Why Installing A Smart Thermostat Makes Sense

24 May 2022
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"Do you want to install a smart thermostat?" When your HVAC contractor asks you this question, you might look at the price, consider your bank account, and wonder whether a smart thermostat is really worth it. They can be a bit of an investment in comparison to a regular, programmable thermostat. However, a smart thermostat is often a smart investment. If you can reasonably afford one, you're often wise to say "yes" when your HVAC contractor asks if you'd like one. Here's why.

You can keep an eye on your energy use in real-time

Most people monitor their energy consumption by checking their energy bills at the end of every month. But by that point, it's too late to make any changes that month; the bill has already come! With a smart thermostat, you can closely monitor your energy use on an ongoing basis. These thermostats coordinate with smartphone apps, and the app should tell you how much energy your HVAC is using on a daily basis. If you see your consumption climbing too high, then you can turn your heat or AC down to compensate. There's time to get things under control before the bill comes.

You can make changes to your AC or heating cycle when you're not home

Turning the thermostat down a few degrees when you're out of the home is a great way to save. (Or, in the summer, you can turn it up a few degrees.) But there may be times when you get home sooner than planned or stay out later than planned. If you have a smart thermostat, you can adjust your heating schedule as your own schedule changes. If you know you'll be home late, for example, you can reset the heat to turn back up a few hours later than usual. This allows you to save more money and more closely control the temperature of your home.

You'll know about any issues when you're traveling

Do you worry that your heat or AC may fail when you're traveling? This is less of a concern if you have a smart thermostat. If the temperature changes dramatically, you will see it in your app. You can then make plans to have someone come over and check on your HVAC equipment, rather than hoping the pipes don't freeze before you get back.

A smart thermostat is an innovation that makes sense for today's lifestyles. Adding one to your home is often a wise choice. Talk to an HVAC contractor for more information.