Protocols To Follow When Completing A Gas Line Repair For Leaks

7 June 2022
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A gas line leak may be one of the worst things that could happen to your property because it can lead to several dangerous scenarios, such as an explosion if the gas is flammable. Fortunately, there are concrete repair strategies for dealing with these leaks in an effective manner. Here are several that you might try when put in this situation.

Have Gas Shut Off

The first thing to do when facing a gas line leak in your home is to stop gas from coming in. That's going to keep your family safe and your property protected until you can figure out a sustainable repair solution. If you know where the gas shut-off valve is in your home, you can do this yourself.

Whereas if you're not sure, you can either hire a plumber or contact your gas company to stop the flow of gas through the line entirely. This is one of the most important safety precautions to take early on.

Thoroughly Inspect the Leaking Gas Line

Once you have the gas shut off on your property and it's no longer a safety risk, you'll want to thoroughly inspect the gas line that has the leak. As long as you're thorough and know what signs of damage to look out for, this inspection will prove key in targeting the right area to repair.

For instance, if you see a puncture on a particular side, you need to make sure it's patched over before using the line again. If you can't spot any damage, you may want to have a plumber assist. They'll find structural damage that you may have overlooked, even if it's just a tiny hole.

Test Patches Carefully

After you patch over the damaged area on your leaking gas line, it's key to test it out to make sure no more gas is able to leak out. You can perform this test yourself if you have the appropriate equipment or you just hire an experienced plumber.

If the patch holds regardless of the pressure that's put on the line as gas moves through it, then you can feel confident no more gas will leak out. You might just want to get a professional to certify a non-leaking line for your peace of mind. 

If you eventually have a gas line that leaks, make sure you respond quickly and with the right safety measures in place. This is ultimately going to contain the leak and thus make it easier to repair.

For additional information about gas line repairs, contact a plumber in your area.