3 Warning Signs That Your Pipes May Be In Need Of Repair

21 June 2022
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If you turn on your water faucet and no water comes out, the fact that your pipes require repair will be rather obvious. However, not all of the warning signs of damaged pipes may be quite so obvious. All too often homeowners ignore these other warning signs. This can lead to costly water damage repairs and additional damage to your plumbing system. Thankfully you can avoid making this same mistake by taking a moment to familiarize yourself with the three warning signs discussed below and keeping an eye out for these warning signs in your own home.

Warning Sign #1: Your Water Bill Increases Significantly With No Known Reason

If you have recently used a large amount of water to fill a backyard pool or have begun watering your yard on a regular basis, a significant change in your monthly water bill can be expected. However, if you have not consumed more water than usual, changes in your water bill can indicate a problem with your pipes. If one of your pipes has sprung a leak, your water meter will continue running even when you are not actively using any water in your home. The impact that this has on your water bill will vary depending upon the severity of the leak. In most cases, this leak will become more severe over time. Consequently, it is always a good idea to investigate even relatively minor changes in your water bill so that you can prevent a potential leak from getting worse. 

Warning Sign #2: Your Water Pressure Suddenly Decreases

A change in your water pressure can also be an indication that your pipes are in need of repair. This is because a leaky pipe will prevent the same quantity of water from making it through your pipes and to your faucet. As a result, you will notice you no longer have the same water pressure that you once did. This problem is especially common in situations where a pipe has cracked as a result of freezing. The increased pressure caused by freezing results in the pipe cracking. Once the pipe has thawed, this crack turns into a leak that may be hidden behind a wall or in your basement where it is not readily seen. 

Warning Sign #3: Your Faucets Spit When Initially Turned On

A leak in your pipes can also result in air building up within your plumbing system. This happens when the water is allowed to leak out of the pipe and therefore compromise the pressure inside your plumbing system. If there is excess air inside your pipes, this air will be released when you turn on your faucet. This often results in your faucets spitting when you first turn them on. It is important to note that this problem will often seem to resolve itself within a few seconds after the air has been released. Do not fool yourself into believing this means you are not in need of pipe repairs. This issue will return and grow worse if the damage-causing this problem is not repaired. 

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