Plumbers: 3 Most Common Emergency Plumbing Issues At Residences

1 July 2022
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Plumbing emergencies are one of a homeowner's worst nightmares because they happen without warning and cause great inconveniences. That's why it's crucial to stay prepared by having a contingency plan that allows you to quickly recover from one. By partnering with a reliable emergency plumber, you won't go into panic mode when these potential health hazards sneak up on you. Continue reading to learn the three most common emergency plumbing issues plumbers can address.

Overflowing Toilet

The most common emergency plumbing issue at residences is an overflowing toilet. This is, perhaps, the most dreaded plumbing malfunction because there's hardly anything you can do about the situation without exposing yourself to disease-causing pathogens. Thankfully, if you have an emergency plumber's contact on speed dial, you can reach out to them with the touch of a button and let them address the situation.

This plumbing issue is often caused by severe clogging in the sewer line that prevents water from going down the drain when you flush your toilet. Instead, the water rises up the toilet bowl and overflows to the floors. Your designated plumbing contractor will arrive on-site with a plumbing snake that will clear out the blockage. The plumbers can also attach a plumbing camera to the plumbing snake, so they have an easy time locating the problematic section of your sewer line.

Clogged Garbage Disposal

Another unignorable plumbing emergency is a clogged garbage disposal. You will immediately notice when this happens because you won't be able to conveniently dispose of kitchen waste like you're used to. And while it might be tempting to poke into the fixture with the hopes of fixing it, it's better to contact a plumber.

This way, you don't end up worsening the problem or completely damaging the fixture. Your plumber will use their knowledge and insight from years of experience to figure out what could be clogging the garbage disposal and how to restore the fixture to proper function.

Burst Sewage Pipe

When you consider what goes down your sewer lines, you can't imagine the pipes bursting and spilling that waste into your compound. But since it could happen, you should save an emergency plumber's contact on speed dial, so you have a professional you can reach out to if need be.

A sewage pipe burst not only pollutes the air with a foul smell but also interferes with your compound's ecosystem. What's more, if the issue is left unaddressed over an extended period, the sewage might penetrate the ground and eventually contaminate your neighborhood's water table. Thankfully, when you have a designated emergency plumber, you can breathe easy knowing your sewer line will be restored to proper function in no time.

If any of these emergency plumbing situations transpire at your residence, don't hesitate to call emergency plumbers to address the issue.