Water Heater Repair: What Is Causing The Leaks?

12 July 2022
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Concerned about the growing pool of water under your water heater? The appliance has a leak that must be repaired immediately to prevent more severe issues, such as mold infestation. A water heater repair technician may visit your house to diagnose the cause of water heater leaks and pinpoint the source of the leak. Here are four frequent reasons why your water heater may be leaking, as well as solutions for repairing it. 

1. An Older Leaky Tank

A typical reason a water heater leaks is because it is outdated and requires replacement. Water heater tanks run under intense heat and pressure, which inevitably leads to leaks in the metal tank or its joints. Take note of the amount of water gathering around your water heater, as well as any gas or sulfur odors.

Rust on the tank's exterior or the presence of black sludge on the tank's surface during times when it is not operating might also be a sign that the tank is old. If this is the case, you may want to have a plumber examine your complete heating system since replacing a single component may not solve your issues.

2. Deteriorated Drain Valve O-Ring

Another typical cause of a leaking water heater is a deteriorated drain valve gasket. The gasket is a rubber washer that seals the drain valve's connection to the tank. Over time, the gasket might degrade and split, enabling water to leak through. The plumber will put in a replacement gasket.

3. Defective Pressure Relieving Valve

The pressure release valve of a water heater is an essential safety feature. It is designed to open and discharge excess pressure. If this valve is loose, your water heater might develop a leak. 

You will also see that the water takes too long to heat due to the pressure loss. If the pressure valve is leaking, contact a water heater repair service to inspect and reseal the gap.

4. Loose Inlet and Output Pipe Connections 

The inlet and output pipes of a water heater are linked to the tank through metal or plastic nipples. These connections might become loose and create leaks over time. The water heater plumber must carefully examine the plumbing connections and tighten any loose connections using a wrench. If the leak is caused by a broken nip, the nip must be replaced.

These are the most typical causes of a leaky water heater. The good news is that they are all quite straightforward to repair. To prevent the leaks from causing more serious damage, however, the repair must be prompt and skilled.

Contact a water heater repair business for a leak inspection and repair.