2 Signs Your Home's Pipes May Have A Slow Leak

20 July 2022
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While looking at your water bill for the past few months, you may have noticed a slight and steady increase in the amount. You may have also evaluated your household's usage and determined that you have not used any more water than normal.

Because of this, you may have concluded that you may have a water leak hidden somewhere in your home's plumbing. Since you are unable to find overt signs of the leak, look for the signs discussed below that you may have a slow leak that is affecting your home's water consumption. 

1. Wallpaper or Paint on Walls Around the Kitchen or Bathroom Show Signs of Damage

One common sign of a slow leak in your home's plumbing can usually be found by looking at the walls. Not only may the walls inside the kitchen and bathroom be affected, but you should look at any adjoining walls where pipes are running through them.

While looking at the walls, look for areas that show such signs of water damage as bubbling wallpaper or paint. You may also see areas where the top layer has started to erode and become discolored. If you find any of these signs of water damage, have a plumber check for leaks.

2. Surfaces of the Pipe Valves and Joints Have Started to Change Color

Another sign that you may have a slow leak in your home that is causing an increase in your water bill can be found while looking at the pipe valves and joints. These pieces of the pipes can be found underneath the sinks as well as by looking at any exposed pipes in your basement.

If you find areas that are different colors than the adjacent pipes, these discolorations are most likely caused by leaking water that is wearing down the finishes on the surfaces. If not taken care of by a professional, this wear on the pipes can eventually cause larger leaks.

If you find signs of water damage on your walls or discolored areas on the pipes, you can also look for other signs of a slow water leak. These include concentrated areas of mold growth, slight hissing noises, and the water meter moving when no water is running in the house. If you suspect that your home does have a water leak, contact a plumber in your area to schedule a time for them to come to your house to locate the problem so that they can discuss with you recommended courses of action. To learn more, contact a company such as Just Get It Done Plumbing.