Why You May Need Emergency Drain Cleaning Services In Your Home

11 August 2022
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As part of the preventative maintenance plan for your residential plumbing, you should schedule professional drain cleaning services. A periodic visit from a fully trained plumber helps to keep your drains flowing smoothly, allowing you to enjoy the property with your family.

That said, you can get a professional drain cleaning done as needed, as there are factors that may warrant it between routine visits by your plumber. Here's why you may need to book a professional drain cleaning appointment before it is time for the next scheduled visit.

Increased Water Usage

Every time you run a faucet, flush the toilet or take a shower, dirty water travels down your drains. The more water you use, the faster gunk and grime will build up inside.

If your household water consumption significantly spikes, your drains will see more water flow and accumulate clog-causing substances more quickly. As a result, you may require emergency drain cleaning to avoid drain clogs that may cause questionable water to back up in your home.

Drain Abuse

Many people assume they can pour or flush almost anything down their drains. While not all unacceptable items will cause your drains to clog up instantly, many can increase the need for drain cleaning services.

For example, liquid fats, oils, and grease are detrimental to your kitchen sink as they will stick to the inside walls of the drain pipes as they cool. As the internal diameters of the pipes decrease, so does their water-holding capacity.

If the rate rhat water travels down your kitchen sink drain has dwindled, it might be best to get the drain cleaned immediately.

Tree Root Invasion

If mature trees grow too close to your house, their roots can attack your drains as they search for water.

Professional drain cleaning does not just address the regular dirt and debris (such as food, soap scum, and hair) that your drains see. It can also eliminate tree roots. Plumbing pros possess specialized tools and equipment such as mechanical drain augers and hydro jetters they can use to rid your drains of any invasive tree roots.

The benefits of professional drain cleaning extend beyond keeping the water flowing smoothly. It keeps your drains smelling fresh and makes them last longer too. 

If you can't remember the last time you had your home's drains cleaned, consider getting the job done now to avoid a plumbing emergency. Get in touch with a residential plumber today to get a quote for your drain cleaning job.

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