De-Winterization: How Do You Prepare Your AC For Summer?

19 August 2022
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The first thing you may do when the weather warms up is turn on your cooling system. But if you didn't use your air conditioning system prior to the first day of summer, you may want to de-winterize it first. Dewinterization is the process of preparing your cooling system for summer. However, you must take precautions when you de-winterize your AC. Below are things you can do to de-winterize your AC for summer.

Clean Your Cooling Units

AC units work hard throughout the summer. The hard work can cause a number of problems for your units, including dust buildup. Dust can build up on your cooling units during summer and throughout the cold season. The first thing you can do to de-winterize your cooling units is clean them.

You want to practice caution when you clean your AC units. The indoor and outdoor units both contain coils. The coils help distribute or release heat out of the system when it's on. If you accidentally damage the surface of the coils, the units won't move air properly.

Check to see if your cooling system is completely turned off. If the system is on, switch it off immediately. Now, remove the panel from the air handler that contains your indoor unit. If you don't know how to remove the cover or panel from your indoor unit's air handler, refer to your cooling system's owner's manual for assistance.

You want to use warm water to clean the indoor unit's coil. Some people clean their units with white distilled or household vinegar. However, vinegar may be too strong for some AC units if you use too much of it. Instead, fill a water bottle with warm water and gently spray down the unit. 

While you wait for the unit to dry, go outside your home and clean the outdoor unit. You can use your water hose to rinse off the coil. Be sure to set the water hose's nozzle to gentle or slow. As mentioned above, the coil can damage easily under pressure. After you rinse down the coil, allow it time to dry. After both units dry, switch on your cooling system. 

If your cooling system doesn't sound good or fails to start up properly, call a plumber for help.

Call A Plumber For HVAC Services

A plumber can do more for your cooling system than just clean it. If the system contains dust inside it, it can stall when you first turn it on. In this case, your AC may need a tune up. 

A plumber will go over both units and remove all signs of debris and other issues from them. A plumber may also clean out the small drainage lines connected to the units. Drainage lines can become compacted with debris over time and prevent the units from working.

Learn more about dewinterizing your cooling system by contacting an AC service today.