4 Benefits Of Using Hydro-Jetting During Drain Pipe Cleaning

6 September 2022
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Your drains have to deal with food remains, minerals, grease, soap, grime, and hair. These materials sometimes clog the drain pipes and cause slow drains, water pools, and bad odors. Home remedies, such as drain cleaners and plungers, hardly get the job done. You'll need an expert to help you remove the clog. If you read about drain pipe cleaning, you have probably come across hydro-jetting. The following are four benefits of using hydro-jetting when cleaning clogged drain pipes. 

1. Effective Cleaning

Your goal isn't just to clear the obstructions in your pipe but also to keep your pipes in good shape. Fortunately, hydro-jetting goes the extra mile to clean the drains and restore the desired water pressure. The technique uses high-pressure water to dislodge traces of dirt and deposits stuck to the walls of the pipes. Unclogging without cleaning the drains leaves behind debris, which can slowly cause another clog. Hydro-jetting provides an effective solution that will keep your drain pipes in good shape for a long time.

2. Preserve Your Pipes

Professionals discourage homeowners from using chemicals to clear drains because they slowly eat into the pipes, causing leaks and damage. Similarly, snaking aimlessly without inspecting the pipe's condition can also cause punctures. Some homeowners use hot boiling water to force out the clogs. Boiling water might melt the grease and create bigger clogs down the drain pipes.

However, hydro-jetting uses water to dislodge debris. The technique is harmless to your plumbing system. Furthermore, professionals use video inspections to locate clogs and focus the pressurized water on target points. This goes a long way toward preventing pipe damage.

3. Eco-Friendly Solution

The only component used in hydro-jetting is high-pressurized water. Other techniques, such as commercial drain cleaners, use harsh chemicals that might cause pollution. Besides, drain pipe cleaners kill microorganisms in the septic tank, which are essential for breaking down waste.

The wastewater with chemicals could contaminate lakes, soil, and water sources if the sewer line leaks. If you are looking for a drain cleaning method to protect the environment, consider hydro-jetting.  

4. Versatility

You are probably familiar with drain snaking, a common technique used by plumbers to eliminate clogs. While the technique is effective, drain snaking is recommended for small pipes and clogs. It might not be effective where there's excess sludge and grease buildup.

Hydro-jetting, on the other hand, is versatile because it can eliminate huge and small clogs. It is ideal for use in small and big pipes. Hydro-jetting can also eliminate tough clogs within a short time.

Do you have stubborn clogs affecting your drain pipes? Consider working with a plumber to solve the problem and enjoy these amazing benefits of hydro-jetting.

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