3 Important Things You Should Know About Drain Cleaning

5 December 2022
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Clogged drains can be a nuisance. Your sink's drains may experience poor water flow, or your toilets may not flush properly. You can take some measures to prevent these problems. For example, you can use a sink drain strainer to block large particles like coffee grounds from passing into your drains. You should also avoid pouring grease into your drains since it is viscous. The substance can stick to your plumbing fixtures' inner layer, causing restricted flow. 

Here are essential things you should know about drain cleaning.

Drain Cleaning Is a Routine Maintenance Job

Drain cleaning will help eliminate stubborn clogs in your kitchen, sink, and shower drains. However, you shouldn't wait for an emergency to clean your drains. Professionals recommend scheduling regular maintenance at least once a year. This precaution will prevent minor clogs like debris, waste, and mineral deposits from becoming full-blown blockages. 

Severe clogs can lead to sewer backups, slow drains, and overflows. Even worse, such clogs can cause flooding in your home. Maintenance will promote efficient drainage and improve your drains' functioning. During the inspection, the plumber will check for leaks and other issues. This step will help deal with repair problems promptly, saving you from potentially costly repairs. 

Also, a timely diagnosis will improve the lifespan of your drains. Other benefits of drain cleaning include the prevention of foul odors, noisy pipes, and bacteria growth.

Using Store-Bought Chemicals Doesn't Work

Store-bought cleaners can eliminate minor clogs in your drains. However, these cleaners are only a short-term solution. The liquids contain hazardous chemicals like hydrochloric acid and lye. The chemicals can burn your skin and cause severe scarring when mishandled. 

The chemicals will corrode your pipes, damaging them. This problem will shorten the lifespan of your pipes, leading to premature replacement. Moreover, drain cleaners only work on the portion of the clog they are in contact with. As the clog breaks away, the cleaners move further down the drains, leaving behind parts of the blockage. The clogs will recur, and you will have to purchase more cleaners, wasting money.

Snaking Vs. Hydro-Jetting

Drain snakes can help you deal with minor clogs. However, the appliance won't properly scour the inside of your pipes. Therefore, the clogs will return. Hydro-jetting is the ideal solution for thoroughly cleaning and removing major clogs. This technology uses high-pressurized water to clean and clear out clogged pipes. 

The water can cut through severe blockages like tree roots, dried concrete, and grease. Some pipes aren't strong enough to handle the pressure from hydro-jetting, so they can burst. In this case, snaking would be a better option.

To have your drains inspected and cleaned, contact a professional plumbing service in your area.