How Residential Plumbing Services Can Fix Inconsistent Water Temperatures

21 December 2022
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Owning a home comes with many responsibilities that take most new homeowners by surprise. Unlike a rental unit, you're in charge of keeping all the systems and fixtures around your house functional. Luckily, the more you take responsibility, the more you get the hang of it. So if you're currently struggling to schedule routine maintenance appointments, be assured that you'll get better at it.

One system to stay on top of the rest is your plumbing system because the network ensures you have an uninterrupted water supply and that your domestic waste is discharged away from your house. One of the most common yet often ignored residential plumbing issues is inconsistent water temperatures. Read along to learn how residential plumbing services will address the problem.

Inspect Faucet Mixers 

One of the first steps residential plumbing services will take to address inconsistent water temperatures at your residence is to inspect your faucet mixers. As the name suggests, these fixtures help regulate the water temperature at every faucet.

As such, malfunctioned faucet mixers beat the purpose of having these fixtures in the first place. Whether the fixtures have completely broken down or they simply need a little recalibration, your plumber will figure that out and act accordingly.

Check Water Heater 

Problems with your water heater could also cause inconsistent water temperatures. Residential plumbing services can identify the issues causing the equipment to deliver water at varying temperatures throughout the day. The culprit could be corrosion, leaks, or a deeper underlying issue that requires the professional's urgent attention. Whichever the case, you can be sure that your plumber will offer a lasting solution tailored to your needs.   

Install Insulated Pipes 

Insulated pipes are one of the best ways to ensure consistent hot water delivery throughout the house. So, if you've been grappling with temperature fluctuations, this is an investment worth making. Ensure you hire seasoned plumbers for the job because they have the experience required to deliver impressive results.  

Replace Faulty Valves 

Faulty valves can also cause inconsistent temperature issues by disrupting water flow through pipes leading into showers and faucets. This is because hot and cold water needs to mix so that the water flowing out of these fixtures isn't scolding hot or too cold. And when the pressure control valves are faulty, they can let through too much hot or cold water. To ensure the warm water flowing through your faucets is comfortable for use, you shouldn't hesitate to commission faulty valve repair.

Inconsistent water temperatures can be annoying; thankfully, this doesn't have to be the norm at your residence. Residential plumbing services can provide lasting solutions to the underlying problems to ensure you enjoy the functionality of your water heater.