3 Indications Your Plumbing Problem Is An Emergency

29 December 2022
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A long list of potential issues can develop with your home's plumbing. Unfortunately, the older your home happens to be, the more likely you will face these issues. Ignoring plumbing issues for too long can lead to much more serious problems down the line, but that doesn't mean that every clogged drain requires a midnight visit from an emergency plumber. 

However, knowing when a plumbing problem is more than just a minor convenience is essential. Since every plumbing issue can be different, it's hard to list the specific problems that may require an emergency visit. Instead, consider these three factors that likely indicate your problem is too serious to delay.

1. There's a Risk of Additional Damage

The number one reason to call an emergency plumber is to avoid additional damage to your home. Since emergency visits often come with an extra fee, there's always a cost-benefit trade-off between the visit and the cost of waiting. If there's a severe leak that you can't stop or sewage flooding into your home, delaying a call for even a few hours may cause substantial damage.

Remember that water damage can often be insidious and more severe than it appears at first glance. A small leak that continues for too long can cause water to seep under your floors or behind walls, creating moisture that can lead to mold growth or structural damage. When in doubt, contacting an emergency plumber is better than risking severe water damage.

2. You're Dealing With Raw Sewage

Highly contaminated water, also known as "category 3" or "black" water, is any water with a high risk of pathogens, chemicals, or other hazards. Since you're unlikely to encounter industrial chemicals in your home, the most likely source of black water comes from your sewer lines. A clogged toilet or severely backed-up sewer line can cause this water to flood your floor.

It's important to use proper precautions when dealing with contaminated water, including protective gear for your eyes and clothing that fully protects exposed skin. The longer this water floods your home, the higher the likelihood of negative health effects. When dealing with contaminated water, it's always a good idea to treat the situation as an emergency.

3. The Problem Is Getting Worse

Some plumbing problems can go from relatively minor to severe fairly quickly. For example, a frozen pipe may cause a seemingly minor loss of water pressure, but it can become a much larger problem if it bursts. Clogged drains can also become more serious issues, especially if a minor clog turns out to be an early warning sign of a major sewer obstruction.

Anytime you notice a plumbing problem that seems to be getting rapidly worse, you may want to consider making an emergency call. In many cases, the cost of an emergency visit will still be less than the cost of repairing a more expensive problem later.

For more info, contact an emergency plumber