Protect Your Plumbing: Slow Moving Or Clogged Drains Need Attention

14 March 2023
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Your plumbing system is extensive throughout your home. From the drains leaving your shower and sinks to the main sewer line, you can have a clog anywhere in the system. You might have a small clog in your drain that is close to the surface and is easily remedied using a plunger or plumbing snake. You will want drain cleaning services if you have continued clogs in your drains, or if you notice that more than one drain is going slowly. If you have a problem with your toilet flushing and slow drains, you likely have a system problem with your drains deep in the plumbing system.

When Your Drains Are Slow

Slow-moving drains mean that there is a partial clog somewhere in your plumbing system. A localized clog is easy enough to remove, but a clog deep in your system often requires a professional to take care of the clogged drain cleaning. It is likely that you have a difficult clog when more than one drain has a problem. The clog could be waste that has gone down your drains or has been caught up by tree roots that can grow into your sewer lines. Tree roots can catch debris, making a clog develop quickly.

If Your Drains Have an Odor

You might notice an odor coming from your drains. This is a distinct odor and one that means you have wastewater that isn't leaving your home properly. If you ignore the problem, eventually you are going to have a complete clog in your plumbing system. This leads to a failure of your sewage system, and you will have wastewater coming back up into your home because it has nowhere to go.

Your Toilet Bubbles When Flushing

There are times when you might notice your toilet bubbles when you flush it. If it makes consistent gurgling noises, this usually means there are air bubbles trapped in the system because of a clog. Pay attention to how your toilet flushes, and make sure to call a plumber if your toilet is always clogging. 

Any problems with your plumbing should always be investigated further. Stay away from retail drain cleaners, as these will damage your pipes over time. Drain cleaners are not able to reach any clogs that are deep in your system. A plumber has specialized tools that can remove tree roots and thick debris from your sewer line. Protect your plumbing when you get your system inspected if there is a problem.