4 Telltale Signs That You Need Leak Detection Services

5 April 2023
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Busy homeowners may not recognize that they have plumbing issues until the issues get to the advanced stages. This can lead to them needing to pay for expensive plumbing repairs and property damage. Leaks are one of the most common repair issues. They may be hard to detect, and sometimes individuals may assume the signs they see are related to something else. The following points highlight a few telltale signs that a home has water leaks. 

Lawn Growth Issues

A homeowner may notice that a certain area of their lawn looks lusher and grows faster than other areas. They may attribute this phenomenon to the sun causing their lawn to grow oddly. This is likely a damaged drain line on the property, and a plumber will know the best approach to repairing it. 

Musty Odors

If a home has a musty odor that is always present, there is likely mold present. Since plumbing systems use water, the issue is most likely related to a leak in the system. Mold is dangerous and can lead to respiratory issues if the repairs are not made. If mold is detected, mold remediation and plumbing repairs will be needed. This is because mold spreads quickly. 

Running Water Sounds

This is a phenomenon that occurs when pipe leaks are behind the walls in the area. This type of water leak can cause damage to foundations and is referred to as a slab leak. Homeowners can take a look at their foundations to see if cracks are present. 

Floor, Wall, and Ceiling Stains

Some hidden water leaks may lead to stains. The stains may be a light brown color, which is evidence of leaking water drying out. Sometimes mold may be on the surfaces of the floor, walls, or ceiling. Ceilings that are damaged from water leaks may cave in and cause injury or significant property damage. 

A plumbing company is a good resource to use if there are signs of water leaks. They can inspect plumbing systems using advanced equipment such as sewer cameras. This can help them determine the exact location of damaged pipes and drain lines. If the issue is not repaired promptly, there is an increased risk for advanced issues such as mold. Property damage such as damaged flooring, walls, and ceilings is likely to require replacing the damaged building materials. Damaged foundations may require foundation repair and fixing bowing walls, sticky doors and windows, and cracked chimneys. 

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